Every Monday, Communities In Schools of Pennsylvania will be featuring a new site staff member! Today’s spotlight will be on York Site Coordinator, Renee Ritter.

1. What would be the title of the autobiography of your life?

Golden Serenity

2. What is one thing you can’t live without?

My eyesight

3. If you had unlimited time what skill or hobby would you want to start?

I would like to have time to be able to read all the books I keep buying but never have time to read.

4. Name three things that define you as an individual.

Determined, trustworthy, compassionate

5. Who (or what) is your biggest inspiration?

My three children inspire me to never give up, even when I’m feeling defeated.

6. What is one past experience that made you a stronger individual?

I got pregnant during my freshman year of college, and when everyone was telling me that I ruined my life and would never finish college, I proved them all wrong by not only getting a Bachelor’s degree but also a Master’s degree. Going to school full time, working full time, and taking care of my children by myself definitely made me a stronger person.

7. What advice would you give your younger self?

Think for yourself. Don’t let anyone try to change your mind for you.

8. How do you define success?

Success is setting goals, pursuing your dreams, and accomplishing both.

9. What drives you to do this type of work?

Being able to set goals for the students I work with and seeing the accomplishments they make.

10. What is the best part about working at Communities In Schools of Pennsylvania?

Making connections with the students and knowing that they feel comfortable talking to me.