What do you think of when you think of summer? Maybe warm weather, relaxing vacations or spending time at summer camps. Unfortunately, many students don’t have the luxury of going on family vacations or attending camps that serve as extra stimulation during the months off from school. This is when the summer slide sets in.

The summer slide is a period of time during the summer months when students start to lose the academic progress they made during the previous school year. More often than not, low-income students end up falling into the summer slide due to a lack of funds, transportation or simply are unaware of programs that are available to them.

However, there are ways to fight back against our students falling behind:

  1. Create a reading challenge – Websites like Brightly.com shares book recommendations for every age and stage, reading tips and insights and more.
  2. Explore educational videos – PBS Parents has a ton of cool activities all at the touch of a button. Click here to see some of their resources.
  3. Visit your local library – The Association for Library Service to Children lists a ton of ways to introduce your readers to library fun.
  4. Beat boredom with board games – Not sure what the kids are into these days? Not a problem. Here’s a list of fun and inexpensive board games that will keep your students engaged all summer.
  5. Find fun ways to use math – Math is the last thing on a students mind during summer vacation. Here are some ways to make math exciting for all ages.
  6. Get into arts and craftsFamily Education is a great resource if you’re looking for hands-on activities with awesome results.
  7. Study science in local parks Scholastic offers some ideas to jumpstart your scientific adventures in the park.
  8. Take local history tours – This will depend on where you live, but you can start by looking into attractions that have historical value and meaning in your hometown.
  9. Structure summer learning time – Routines are just as important to keep during the summer months. Here’s a list of ways you can make sure your students stay on track for the entire summer.

Students don’t have to forget what they learned in the classroom! For more information about the summer slide, click here.